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Empowering tomorrow’s workforce with AI technology

In 2018, DeepHow was founded by a team of ex-Siemens innovation leaders and experts who saw an unmet need to transfer knowledge in the skilled trades labor market. Since those early days, we've expanded our reach across sites, countries, and continents as we empower tomorrow's workforce with the leading AI technology of today.


500+ Sites

Find DeepHow at manufacturing facilities, energy plants, tech corporations,
and beyond.


28+ Countries

We've expanded our AI-powered technology across the United States and around the world.


6 Continents

Our platform understands and operates in a multi-lingual context for maximum functionality.

We're on a mission to change the way organizations train their teams

The skilled workforce today is rapidly evolving—and so are the ways younger generations learn best. With DeepHow's employee-led, AI-powered video training platform, not only will you streamline your training processes, but you'll also equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep your business operations running smoothly.

Our Mission 

and Values

DeepHow empowers skilled workers to succeed through AI-driven knowledge capturing and sharing. Our mission is to equip them with the tools they need to empower their skilled workers to excel through seamless integration of technology into their workflow, fostering innovation and efficiency.


User-Centered and Customer-Focused

Prioritize the customer in every decision.



Foster creativity and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Respectful, One Team

Cultivate an atmosphere of transparency, respect, and unity.


Ownership and Initiatives

Empower personal responsibility and proactive action.

Our Founders: a Partnership Forged in Innovation

Sam Zheng and Patrik Matos have a shared history of creative collaboration that spans nearly a decade, rooted in their tenure at Siemens Healthineers and Siemens Corporate Technology. This partnership has generated a series of transformative projects, including a cutting-edge eye-typing solution for Dr. Stephen Hawking. Their deep technical expertise and shared vision for utilizing technology to solve real-world problems led them to establish DeepHow to transform workforce training.

The Genesis
of DeepHow

Founded on innovation principles and knowledge democratization, DeepHow emerged from the founders' recognition of a critical skills gap in the manufacturing, service, and repair industries.

By harnessing cutting-edge AI technology, DeepHow was conceived to bridge this gap through an intelligent, video-centric learning platform. The company took shape with the support of leading venture initiatives and accelerators, including a pivotal participation in Techstars, which helped propel our vision.

Zheng and Matos recognized that while the AI revolution is taking the world by storm, applications of AI have been primarily focused on leaning out and enhancing processes for administrative and office-based positions. The skilled workforce also stands to benefit massively from Industry 4.0, but the vast majority of AI innovations are leaving them behind. As scholars themselves, Zheng and Matos understood the critical need to digitize learning for labor-intensive industries and to serve training content in a way that people learn best: through video.

Empowering the Workforce with AI

DeepHow is committed to reimagining and modernizing how knowledge is captured and transferred in industrial settings. Our AI-powered platform makes training accessible, efficient, and scalable by converting expert procedures into interactive how-to videos without requiring additional hardware beyond a smartphone.

These videos facilitate rapid onboarding and continual skill enhancement, crucial for maintaining competitiveness in today's fast-paced industrial landscapes, in an age of massive skills gaps, hiring challenges, and a time where millions of aging workers are leaving work entirely for retirement, taking their decades of knowledge right out the door with them.

We’re continuously inspired by the skilled workforce's mission, hard work, and perseverance and how they exemplify the very best among our collective labor force. When paired with the mindset of Six Sigma, Lean Transformation, operational excellence, and continuous improvement, our customers have achieved incredible success through their implementations of DeepHow.

Bringing Our
Vision to the World

As we expand our reach, DeepHow remains focused on leveraging our technological leadership to make a global impact. Our collaborations with major manufacturers and service providers demonstrate our platform's universal appeal and adaptability. With each partnership, we move closer to realizing that every worker can effortlessly acquire the expertise needed to excel in their roles.

We are just at the beginning. Every step we take enhances how skills and knowledge are shared and retained, ensuring that industries and their workforces are equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Join us as we continue to innovate and drive the future of learning and operational excellence in industries around the globe.

Our Investors

We are grateful to our investors for their support and belief in our vision. Due to their strategic insights and financial backing, we can push boundaries and drive transformative change.

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