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From Chaos to Clarity: The Potential of a Searchable Knowledge Video Library

Do you waste time searching through shared drives or cloud storage platforms for specific documents or videos? Have you ever tried to find critical information only to find outdated or duplicate data? And then there are the struggles with resource-intensive intranet portals. We've all been there - staring at an unending stream of folders, sub-folders, and files, each with its own obscure naming convention. You just want to locate a simple document, but the complex architecture and poor searchability make the process more difficult than it should be.

Do you find collaboration difficult with so many disconnected tools and avenues to communicate through? If this sounds all too familiar, you've experienced the challenges of traditional institutional knowledge management.

The fleeting nature of messaging apps presents another challenge. Information is shared, discussed, and then quickly gets lost in the flood of continuous messages. Core information becomes buried under heaps of casual conversation and emoji reactions, making it nearly impossible to reference back when needed. Storing training videos in a group shared drive is helpful, but it's not easy to locate a particular training or step overview without highly detailed indexes or titles.

Enter DeepHow, your solution to these common issues. DeepHow offers a secure, centralized, and easily accessible library of institutional knowledge in the form of organized, searchable video content. This cuts down on the time spent searching for information and ensures that critical data is never lost. DeepHow also bypasses the limitations of traditional methods by leveraging AI technology to provide an interactive, engaging, and efficient learning experience by streamlining video creation.

So, whether you're dealing with the complexities of shared drives, email communication inefficiencies, or unlisted video security concerns, DeepHow is here to provide a practical and contemporary solution that will revolutionize your organization's approach to managing internal communication and institutional knowledge.

With DeepHow, all of your training videos are expertly transcribed, and DeepHow's search engine leverages that transcription with its powerful search feature, enabling you to find even the most complex or simple step tucked away in a training video. Simply choose a search keyword that's the most relevant to the step or process you're reaching for, and let our platform find it quickly. DeepHow differentiates between keywords included in the title or in the content of the video, ensuring that you're able to locate exactly the knowledge you need with minimal time and effort.

The Impact of Knowledge Management on Employee Engagement

Without it, employees may spend more time learning through trial and error or searching for information from various scattered sources. This reduces their time to perform tasks, resulting in frustration and decreased job satisfaction. On the other hand, having easy access to consolidated and well-organized company knowledge can accelerate the learning curve and enable employees to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively, with improved morale.

Impact on employee engagement

Employees can feel ignored and undervalued when communication is poor, disjointed, or one-sided. This sense of disconnection can lead to disengagement and potentially higher turnover rates. Moreover, without easy access to the knowledge they need to perform their roles, employees may feel unsupported and disempowered, increasing a sense of isolation and indifference. On the other hand, a platform like DeepHow can help to foster a sense of connection and engagement among employees by facilitating interactive and inclusive communication and making institutional knowledge readily accessible, in any way that suits your team.

Impact on operational efficiency

Inefficient knowledge management can lead to duplicated efforts, mistakes, misunderstandings, slower response times, and even downtime when employees cannot access the knowledge they need to resolve issues or carry out tasks. These inefficiencies not only frustrate employees but also have a direct impact on the organization's bottom line. Imagine an entire line shut down over the weekend, because the critical operator was unavailable. By contrast, efficient communication and knowledge management can streamline operations, reduce waste, and improve organizational efficiency. Had that key operator had the right tools to document important steps in a visual, video format, that other workers could easily find, it’s likely the weekend team would have been able to avoid the downtime. Saving company money, giving management peace of mind, and building confidence at every level.

Driving Operational Efficiency with a Knowledge Library

Effective management of institutional knowledge is essential to success. Still, disturbing trends continue: studies reveal that a lack of effective collaboration and knowledge management is the primary cause of workplace failures for 86% of employees and executives. These issues often lead to reduced productivity, lowered engagement, and compromised operational efficiency.

Addressing these challenges calls for innovative solutions. DeepHow's AI-powered knowledge management tool does more than just store information—it transforms scattered, often disorganized data into an organized, searchable video-based knowledge library.

Users are in full control of creating videos, editing, and storing vital information without having to switch back and forth from one platform to another.

This knowledge library serves as a centralized location for institutional expertise, readily accessible to all team members. It streamlines the process of seeking vital information, reducing time wasted in inefficient searches and improving the quality and consistency of the knowledge shared. Like a domino effect, productivity and operational efficiency see significant improvements.

The interactive nature of DeepHow's knowledge library encourages employees to be involved in the knowledge-sharing process. This approach not only enriches the contents of the library but also fosters an inclusive and supportive work culture, further enhancing employee engagement and overall performance. Observing and learning from fellow individuals who have successfully achieved the same tasks and procedures that one is currently learning promotes a culture centered around ambition and camaraderie.

The Advantages of a Digital Knowledge Library

A digital knowledge library is more than just a place to store information; it's an engine for productivity, growth, and continuous improvement. Let's delve into the significant advantages it brings to organizations of all sizes:

1. Preservation and Accessibility of Institutional Knowledge

  • Counteracts the loss of institutional knowledge when Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) leave the company.
  • By providing equal access to information, there is a significant reduction in the need for subject matter experts (SMEs) while also ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

2. Secure, Centralized Storage for Training Materials

  • Provides a secure platform for internal training content, contrasting with the risks of unlisted videos and shared drives.
  • Offers superior control over content accessibility.

3. Unified Warehouse of Knowledge

  • Consolidates important knowledge assets in one secure location, improving productivity and ensuring updated data access.

4. Promotion of a Learning Culture

  • Makes learning an integral part of work by making knowledge accessible to everyone.
  • Reduces knowledge gatekeeping and drives innovation by facilitating the exchange of ideas.

5. Standardization and Quality Assurance

  • Enables organizations to capture and standardize best practices, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring high quality across operations.
  • Drives consistency and quality by ensuring every team and individual has access to the same high-quality training.

6. Adapting to a Diverse Workforce

  • Caters to a diverse workforce by offering content in multiple languages.
  • Ensures equal access to quality training and accommodates different learning styles.

7. Managing Employee Onboarding and Turnover

  • Makes onboarding easier and faster by providing new employees with all the knowledge and resources they need in one place.
  • Preserves the insights and experiences of previous employees, ensuring their wisdom continues to benefit the organization.

A digital knowledge library offers a powerful solution to several persistent business challenges. It enhances operational efficiency, maintains quality, and ensures a smooth knowledge transfer during employee onboarding and turnover while promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement. It is truly an investment in the future of an organization.

Utilizing the Power of a Knowledge Library: A DeepHow Success Story

The critical importance of a robust knowledge library for operational efficiency is brought to life in the compelling case study of a prominent brewing company. Facing a significant wave of retirements, the organization recognized the need to capture, store, and transmit decades of acquired expertise to the next generation of workers. They turned to DeepHow's knowledge library to do just that.

The transformation was remarkable. By capturing the expert knowledge of seasoned employees in a digital library of over 80 detailed workflows, the company saw a striking 50% reduction in training time for new hires. The application of the knowledge library didn't stop there—it led to a significant 2.5% increase in production, improved safety practices, and better overall process efficiency.

Fast forward to today, and the same organization has built hundreds of detailed workflow videos in their platform. With DeepHow's transcription and search features, it's easy for their team to quickly locate the knowledge they need without having to scan through hundreds of individual MP4 files.

Embrace the Future with DeepHow

As a robust knowledge library and a comprehensive communication tool, DeepHow enhances efficiency in operational processes and internal communication. The future will present new challenges that require continuous innovation, improvement, and adaptability. Leveraging digitalization and AI technology, like DeepHow, is not just a luxury—it's a necessity to stay competitive and resilient.

DeepHow doesn't just preserve institutional knowledge or streamline communication; it readies organizations for the future. It equips your team with the tools needed to innovate, adapt, and excel, promoting a culture of learning and evolution. By consolidating vital information in one secure, easily accessible location, it empowers your organization to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Consider the operational and communication challenges within your own organization. Think about the institutional knowledge that may be at risk of being lost, the efficiencies that could be gained, and the potential for continuous learning and improvement.

It's time to embrace the future, and DeepHow is here to help.

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