How ISAIC digitally transformed its onboarding to reduce ramp-up time by 61%


Woman sewing a piece of blue fabric with purple thread.

In the heart of Detroit, a nonprofit has embraced video training

Meet ISAIC, the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center, a Detroit-based 501c3 nonprofit, whose mission is to redefine the future of work by putting people trained in advanced and emerging manufacturing technologies at the forefront of sustainable soft goods production. Hear how they leveraged DeepHow's AI-powered video training platform to reduce onboarding and training time by over 60%, and standardized their processes along the way.

Workplace readiness is a pressing challenge for skilled trade organizations

Creating a workplace readiness action plan is the necessary first step to upskilling new talent and capturing know-how from your most experienced team members. Download our expert guide and build your action plan today.

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