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Empowering Global Expansion: SAIC Reduced SOP Creation Time by 30% with DeepHow

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited: a driving force reshaping the global automotive industry

Holding a prominent position in China's automotive sector, SAIC is a regional leader in researching, developing, producing, and selling passenger cars and commercial vehicles. SAIC leads the way in new energy vehicles and merges transportation with the digital age through internet-connected cars. If that weren't groundbreaking enough, they're steering the industry toward the future with their advances in intelligent driving technology. Their continuous strides have secured their place in the Fortune Global 500's top 100 for nine consecutive years - a testament to almost a decade of consistent excellence in the global business.

As the world grows more interconnected, so does SAIC's reach. Over the past four years, SAIC's overseas market sales have doubled consecutively. Their innovative creations grace roads in over 60 countries and regions, supported by an impressive network of 750+ overseas marketing and service outlets. Their commitment to delivering top-notch products and services echoes globally, nurturing deep connections in regions as diverse as Chile, Indonesia, the Middle East, and beyond.

As SAIC grew and spread its wings to different parts of the world, there was a big challenge: How do you ensure that everyone, whether they’re in China or Chile, provides the same high-quality service? It wasn’t just about selling cars; it was about making sure every customer had the same great experience.

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The Solution?  DeepHow — a helpful platform that makes it easier to train teams everywhere and keep everyone on the same page.

Navigating Global Expansion with Challenges in Consistency and Communication

Although SAIC's global outreach showcased its growth strategy and market expertise, it presented some challenging obstacles. The scale of their operations made it critical to maintain a consistent service standard across various dealerships scattered across varied geographical, cultural, and linguistic landscapes. This required a unified approach to ensure all locations adhered to SAIC's renowned high standards.

The rapid pace of innovation and the release of new vehicle models also meant that dealerships needed punctual technical support. As the network of technicians grew, there was more demand for guaranteeing that they all had the necessary expertise to handle problems effectively, regardless of location. Coordinating such an extensive group of technicians and keeping them updated on the latest technical developments was a significant challenge due to logistical and communication barriers.

With the rolling out of new vehicle models tailored to different markets, there was an urgent need to communicate standardized services efficiently. This was not just about introducing a new model but ensuring that the entire ecosystem, from sales representatives to service technicians, understood the product intricacies, features, and maintenance protocols to deliver the best experience for their customers.






The Adoption and Impact of DeepHow for SAIC

SAIC realized traditional methods failed to achieve global dealership consistency, timely technical support, and effective model communication. In this digital age, a more agile, tech-savvy solution is required. Enter DeepHow.

DeepHow has become a holistic solution for SAIC. The creation time for drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) has been reduced by 30%, resulting in a significantly faster process to document critical operations. Video production efficiency is enhanced, allowing for rapid and high-quality sharing and absorption of training. This wasn't merely about videos but crafting compelling visual narratives that resonated, educated, and inspired. By amplifying skill levels, technicians and representatives could rise to the SAIC standard of excellence irrespective of their global location.

The challenges posed by language barriers, often a stumbling block in global endeavors, were seamlessly solved with DeepHow's automatic translation capabilities. This ensured that a technician in Chile received the same quality of training as one in China, breaking down linguistic walls and fostering a unified SAIC community.

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DeepHow's platform synchronization and sharing capabilities ensured everyone, from the boardroom to the showroom, was on the same page. Visualization of standard operating procedures translated into tangible, easy-to-follow guidelines, ensuring that the SAIC signature of excellence was replicated consistently.

In a specific instance from 2021, the SAIC Passenger Vehicle Technical Center tapped into DeepHow's platform to devise maintenance videos tailored for a novel vehicle model created by SAIC Thailand. This instructional content reached nearly 200 Thai 4S dealership technicians, primarily for educational purposes and to gather feedback. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with 97% of users expressing satisfaction.

With DeepHow, SAIC didn't just find a solution: they discovered a partnership for the digital age, redefining training, communication, and excellence in a globally interconnected world. It didn't stop there. SAIC also saved $12,000 in translation costs thanks to DeepHow's multilingual capabilities, demonstrating fiscal sensibility.

In the world of fast-paced automotive manufacturing and service, adaptation and evolution are essential. That's precisely what DeepHow brought to SAIC: a revolution in knowledge management and operational efficiency.






A Symbiotic Partnership with Tangible Results

DeepHow emerged as a tool and an ecosystem for SAIC, interconnecting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their vast service networks in a seamless web of digital knowledge. This cutting-edge platform has transformed technical materials from static pages in a manual to something more dynamic. They were digitized, potent, and easily accessible, all teaming on a unified search interface. This digital transformation streamlined the dealership's service capabilities, ensuring that SAIC's standards of excellence resonated uniformly globally.

The beauty of DeepHow was in reciprocity. While OEMs enriched the platform with technical guidance and solutions, dealers reciprocated, driving capability management, offering invaluable feedback, and fostering a culture of shared best practices. It was a harmonious dance of give and take, aiming to amplify efficiency and quality.

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Reaping the Rewards of Innovation

As SAIC integrated DeepHow, the rewards were both immediate and profound:

  • The once time-consuming process of drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) was supercharged, with a 30% reduction in creation time.

  • Fiscal sensibleness was evident as SAIC pocketed a significant $12,000 saving in translation costs, a testament to DeepHow's multilingual capabilities.

  • Perhaps most tellingly, the heartbeat of any company, its users, especially the dealership technicians, resonated 97% in appreciation for DeepHow. Their heightened satisfaction underscored the platform's efficacy and its transformative impact on learning and operations.

DeepHow was more than just a technological addition for SAIC. There was a significant change in thinking. SAIC has achieved global success through a user-centric approach, faster processes, and significant savings.

Harnessing the Future with DeepHow: a Blueprint for Global Dominance

Adopting DeepHow is more than just another tech integration for SAIC; it's a testament to their forward-thinking ethos and unwavering commitment to excellence. By embedding DeepHow into its operational DNA, SAIC has not just streamlined processes but has set a gold standard for how global expansion should be approached: with innovation, efficiency, and a keen eye on cost-effectiveness.

As SAIC forges ahead, painting the global automotive landscape with its signature blend of quality and innovation, DeepHow stands as a reliable ally, ensuring that the essence of SAIC – its commitment to consistent excellence – resonates in every corner of the globe.