Fuyao's Strategic Success: Reducing Onboarding Time by 50%


Sheets of glass waiting to be installed.

Setting standards through innovation and expertise

Over three decades, Fuyao has been at the forefront of automotive glass manufacturing, nurturing a reputation for quality and innovation that has seen them set new industry standards. As a testament to their unyielding commitment to excellence, their superior glass products find homes in some of the most prestigious vehicles globally, including Bentley, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, GM, and Toyota.

Fuyao's evolution into one of the world's premier automotive glass manufacturers is not a coincidence; it's a result of consistent innovation and the will to push the boundaries of what is possible. With intuitive business acumen, they have anticipated the increased demand for their products, foreseeing the need to expand their workforce to continue meeting the high standards they set for themselves.

Steadfast in pursuit of digital innovation

Despite its market dominance, Fuyao remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovation, continuously exploring ways to augment its products and services. A vital part of this journey is strategically expanding its workforce while upholding its rigorous quality standards. But, with the diversity inherent in its global operations, not only in terms of regional cultures but also languages, Fuyao confronts the daunting task of providing consistent, standardized training across varied cultural and linguistic landscapes. This challenge can often result in increased costs and employee turnover rates.

Companies like Fuyao seek efficiency, productivity, and workforce optimization in the rapidly evolving global economy to remain competitive. This strategy is crucial for organizations with expansive global operations and high-growth trajectories like Fuyao. By partnering with DeepHow and utilizing its innovative training solution, they have substantially reduced onboarding time, realized notable cost savings, and significantly improved overall operational efficiency.

Planning for future progress

Fuyao's near future roadmap involves increasing its current workforce, adding approximately 500 new jobs in the next 4 years. This expansion is a testament to Fuyao's growth and demonstrates its commitment to integrating diverse cultures, backgrounds, and languages across continents.

The diversity, however, presented a unique challenge. With the sheer scale of the proposed expansion, Fuyao understood that their training processes needed to be efficient, adaptable, and standardized to cater to their growing and diverse workforce. These challenges reflect the complexities of managing a truly global business rather than poor business decisions. They signify Fuyao's successful and ambitious vision.

A leap towards efficiency with a reduction of 50% in onboarding time

Integrating DeepHow into Fuyao's onboarding process marked a transformative phase for the company's workforce development. DeepHow's ability to capture, translate, and disseminate knowledge and its streamlined onboarding training process became pivotal in Fuyao's expansion strategy. It ensured the effective training of a diverse and geographically dispersed workforce while significantly reducing time and cost.

Before the integration, new hires spent an average of 3.5 hours in classroom training and 4 hours on-the-job training (OJT), leading to high turnover rates. However, with the new approach, Fuyao achieved remarkable results. The reduction in onboarding time by 50% not only saved valuable hours but also freed up an additional three hours per new hire. These extra hours were dedicated to training job-specific processes via video, providing a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities before stepping onto the production lines.

The results speak for themselves. With DeepHow, the weekly onboarding time for new hires fell significantly, translating to a massive 85.7% reduction in annual onboarding costs.

Operational Excellence Through Technological Integration

The 50% reduction in onboarding time translated to more efficient use of resources and significant financial savings - approximately $100,000 annually at just one facility. Besides cost and time savings, DeepHow's solution improved employee readiness and confidence. New hires could absorb essential knowledge at their own pace before arriving on-site, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Workplace readiness is a pressing challenge for skilled trade organizations

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