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Why DeepHow Maven?

Traditional SOPs and instruction manuals are time-consuming to create and fall short in capturing the depth of real-world execution details. This method lacks engagement, leading to poor learning outcomes and performance.

DeepHow Maven leverages AI to transform video demonstrations into Multimodal SOPs, providing interactive, engaging, and easily digestible training materials.

Reduced Time & Cost

Multimodal SOPs streamline knowledge documentation.

Enhanced Efficiency

Clear, actionable SOPs reduce errors and improve processes.

Improved Training

Engaging materials cater to diverse learning styles.

Maximized Retention

Interactive content reinforces learning and ensures mastery.

What are Multimodal SOPs?

Multimodal SOP

Maximize knowledge transfer by incorporating various modalities: video, diagrams, text, interactive Q&A, AI assessments, AI summaries, and more.

This unique approach caters to different learning styles and enhances overall accessibility and engagement.

From Stephanie
to Maven

DeepHow Stephanie has evolved into DeepHow Maven through years of collaboration with industrial experts and the integration of advanced AI technologies.

How does DeepHow Maven work?

DeepHow Maven transforms video demos into interactive, Multimodal SOPs. Here’s how:


Capture and Digitize

Upload existing video SOPs or record new processes using your smartphone and DeepHow’s Capture app.


Review and Transform

Convert videos into Multimodal SOPs, including video SOPs, text SOPs, summaries, and assessments.


Deploy and

Share Multimodal SOPs via DeepHow’s Navigator player, links, QR codes, or integrate with your existing tools.

What is DeepHow Maven offering?

DeepHow Maven offers a suite of tools transforming traditional training into an advanced, AI-powered learning experience, ideal for manufacturing leaders seeking to advance continuous improvement and operational excellence.


Convert an expert's demonstrations into comprehensive Multimodal SOPs.

Ask Maven

AI-powered knowledge engine. It provides instant, context-aware answers.


Connect Multimodal SOPs to your preferred tools and systems for easy adoption.

Text SOP Generation

Interactive Questions & Answers

Quiz Generation

SOP Summary and Highlights

GDPR & SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

Self-hosted SOTA LLMs

DeepHow’s AI generated quiz is the ‘cat’s meow’.

DeepHow Maven is intuitive to use, reducing cognitive effort and time for end users.

Being able to go from a video demo to an SOP with multimedia content is a game changer.

The SOP generation will save us a lot of time and effort.

This is awesome - whether doing an overview of a line or just explaining a piece of equipment or process, DeepHow Maven provides critical support.

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