Train and certify your workforce with AI and Video SOPs

A man and a woman in orange reflective vests in a factory looking at a DeepHow training video

A Learning Solution Focused on Skill-Based Training

Create, customize, and assign AI-enhanced video SOP training, perfectly aligning with your workforce's unique skill development needs.

Industry 4.0

AI powered cutting-edge training technology.


Same quality levels for all sites.


Avoid endless job shadowing trainings.

Reach Your Audience

Distribute content to the right learners.

Data Tracking

Enhance retention and completion rates.

Visual Principles

Train today's workers the way they learn best.

What our customers say

We really saw the power of what starting on a ground level up could do and how it could actually transform our workforce.

DeepHow is the way we do business every day.

When they say 'This is how we want to get work done' you know you’ve got something good. When it becomes part of 'This IS how we get work done', you know you’re in.

We are training twice as good, twice as fast. I could train somebody that used to take me 6 months, now I can do it within 6 minutes, 6 days, 6 weeks.

DeepHow is a great tool to capture the tribal knowledge of the people that are on the floor that have been here for years and have all this great knowledge. Capturing that is invaluable.

DeepHow really is a way of showcasing who we are, not just training. It’s become one of our best communication tools.

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