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AI Quizzing transforms workforce training by enabling real-time learning assessments

Easy to Make

By leveraging advanced generative AI, smart AI quizzing ensures that employees not only receive personalized training but also undergo continuous skills verification, significantly improving knowledge retention and operational efficiency.

Easy to Take

This results in a more competent workforce, ready to tackle complex challenges with up-to-date knowledge and skills, reducing training costs, decreasing onboarding time, and reducing temporary employee attrition. AI Quizzing from DeepHow is the way to certify skills and enhance productivity across your teams.

Boost efficiency and productivity

You've developed the training videos; now discover the tools to unlock their true potential and maximize learning outcomes. Transform your workforce into a powerhouse of efficiency with AI Quizzing. Say goodbye to generic training and hello to personalized learning experiences that match the pace and potential of each employee.

AI Quizzing Capabilities

Max Compliance

Ensure your team exceeds compliance, keeping operations innovative

Pioneer Innovation

Prepare employees to lead in innovation across levels for true operational excellence

Slash Costs

Cut training costs and time, boosting ROI with enhanced learning performance


Leverage real-time data for strategic decisions that bolster training outcomes

Engage Workforce

Make training engaging and motivating with skill-focused AI Quizzing

Tailored Training

Enable customized training paths, ensuring precise learning for everyone

Generate smart AI quizzes at the push of a button

By harnessing the power of DeepHow’s generative AI, you can transform video workflows into dynamic, interactive assessments, designed to gauge and enhance employees' comprehension and retention of practical skills. 

Our AI allows you to create tailored learning paths for each individual employee that will provide instant feedback along with real-time skill assessments in 3 easy steps. All while reducing costs for employee training and increasing your teams’ engagement.  

In the event of a failed quiz, learners are encouraged to dive back into the content, with resources and workflows suggested by AI for an opportunity to reassess their understanding after a review. Each attempt presents a fresh challenge through shuffled answer sequences. This innovative approach not only secures knowledge mastery but also propels your workforce towards unparalleled operational excellence.

Create an AI Quiz in Three Easy Steps

* All employee quiz interactions are trackable for review and assessment. 

Step 1

Select a workflow and push the generate a quiz button. 

Step 2

Review the quiz contents to ensure accuracy.

Step 3

Publish the quiz and start encouraging your team to measure their knowledge.

Help Your Team Achieve Operational Excellence

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Tailored learning paths
Real-time skill assessments
Reduced training costs
Up-to-date employees
Elevate team's engagement

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